CIL2007 — Core Comps to Learning 2.0 –Charlotte Mecklenberg Library

This presentation is by Helene Blowers of Charlotte & Mecklenberg Co. NC describes how they went from four core comps to a learning 2.0 program for their entire staff.

Did it work as a “Learning 2.0 is a weapon of mass instruction?” Well, out of a total staff compliment of 540, they had 342 participate (with many coming onboard after the program started!, with 226 staff members completing the program and recieving a MP3 player as a completion gift.

Her presentation is here

Hilighted Best Practices for a 2.0 project:
1) Encourage and Motivate Staff
2) Allow for late starters
3) Design for late bloomers on staff
4) Communicate via e-mail and sometimes paper.
5) It’s about just using the tool
6) Practice transparency and encourage radical trust
7)Encourage play

WOW!!! Web 2.0 is sharing….


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