CIL2007 – Wikis + Media Specialists = Community

Internet at Schools East is a conference within the Computers and Libraries Cconference. The content is geared toward k-12 grade librarians and media specialists and this year they are focusing on “Web 2.0 and the Internet World.” Since I am helping to organize a couple of 2.0 activities, I decided to attend a couple of the sessions.

The first presenter Judy Hauser, Information Media Consultant from Michigan discussed how she used wiki technology to foster collaboration among school media specialists throughout the state.

By introducing wiki technology to a buy-in group of advisers, she was able to create a sense of ownership of the wikis which encouraged statewide sharing of curriculum consideration for different levels of secondary education. While creating the wiki’s they were able to use the flexibility of wiki’s to add new standards and curriculum elements to the wikis.

She used a site called Seedwiki to create the wiki’s. You can see the resulting documents by going to Seedwiki and searching for “remc17” You will see all 36 wiki’s she created for the project. She likes seedwiki because there are no ads. Another participant said that she uses Wikispaces to host her wikis, and if you say you are an educational institution, they will remove the ads from your wikis.

She also used a wiki for the Michigan Media Specialists Annual Conference. She piloted it in 2006 and has made some adjustments from experience. The advantage of a wiki is that it can be updated by the community and is instantly up to date. This year’s cconference wiki is here. For this wiki she used PeanutButterWiki.

I have her PowerPoint slides if anyone is interested…leave me a comment.


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