CIL Trade Show Swag

This is a picture of some of the cool things from the trade area at the CIL 2007 Conference.

Shot of Yesterday’s Swag

On top..from PaliNet the winner of the show..Free Earbuds!

Most popular item as a prize: The IPod. Even though it cannot get some Audiobooks and this is a Librarian focused conference. Oh well. I would not look a gift IPod in the mouth.


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2 Responses to CIL Trade Show Swag

  1. jamie says:

    Does this just go to show what a non-entity our current library audiobook downloads are? In other words, the natural reaction is “I can’t download that to my iPod? Guess I won’t be downloading it” rather than “I can’t download that to my iPod? Better buy something else instead!”

    As music labels continue to discard DRM, I look forward to this going away sooner rather than later, however.

  2. hcpltechfair says:

    More than 100 million IPods have been sold to date. A triumph of technology.

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