CIL2007 — Cuyahoga County Portal: Reinventing the Library in the Internet Era

Browsing is just the beginning: Cuyahoga County Public Library and how they redeveloped their website.

Workshop Review: Contained some useful infomation that library websites will become customized branches able to reach patrons via many different means with specific content. And there is the matter of the love they showed for their vendor.

Profile: A 28 branch system with over 1000 employees and a year circ of 14 million items. Active and networked in Ohio’s public and academic library communities.

Opprotunity: Cuyahoga County recognized that there were multiple evolutions going on:

  • Evolution of Devices – More personal, immediate, and diverse;
  • Evolution of Service Community – Library profession is evolving not just as information specialists, but all staff are becoming learning facilitators and content experts;
  • Evolution of Demand – Fragmented customer needs and library staff needs should be reflected on site; and
  • Evolution of Customers – Community expectations and demand for customized content.

They brought in a consultant the help assess web needs. The consultant did loads of information discovery about the needs of each target group.

Conclusion: They decided to target their content by:

  • Creating mini-portals for most identified constituent areas: Kids, Teachers, Families, Seniors and Teens.
  • Subject Matter Pages were to be created and maintained by staff. Each page would have its own dedicated staff member to provide patrons with direct expert access on a specific subject.
  • 2.0/We Web content building: Overall website content is placed on the website by 20% of the 1,000 staff members using a scaleable content management system by Ektron. It cost the system $100,000 for the initial set up, plus yearly maintenance cost. This system manages the over 800 pages of information on the site.

Redesign Results: 90,000 sms/text messages sent to patrons for books and program information in March 2007. Site blog page readership is up 40% and their homepage hits up 60%.


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