CIL2007– Trends in Mobile Tools and Applications for Libraries (Updated and Linked)

This program was called Trends in Mobile Tools and Applications for Libraries.

The presenter is Megan Fox from Simmons College. She is a multi-funtion library professional, teaching and web mastering at the school. Her email is fox(at)

No word on if she has a blog where the slides are available. She opens by saying this a three hour talk delivered in 45 minutes.

Update:She was lying..It was a four hour presentation in forty minutes. And it was FANTASTIC
Update the second: She does and WOW there is a lot of good stuff there (link after the jump)
Update the last:
Here are my linked and distilled notes to this workshop. That was a lot of work.
Starter quick facts:

  • For the first time, land line use has been surpassed by cellular phone use in the United States and 12% of homes do not have a traditional land line.
  • A school in England is using PSP’s to teach French, History, and Geography. The PSP is a familiar platform for kids and can be purchased for less than $150 per unit.
  • More phones are becoming multifunction devices with 2.4 inch screens, wireless connections and free flickr access on one of them.
  • Some devices can replace mp3 players because some of the products have excellent sound quality.
  • Motion sensing navigation is coming.
  • Cell phone bans can hinder the next generation of information delivery.

After the jump the presentation talks about…

Mobile Web Content
WeWeb/Web 2.0 Going Mobile — Converting RSS feeds To SMS feeds

Content via Text Messaging
Portable Audio Content
Portable Video Content
What’s Now and Next?

The full article and many links here at Trends (Updated and linked)

Dressed up on May 4th 2007.


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One Response to CIL2007– Trends in Mobile Tools and Applications for Libraries (Updated and Linked)

  1. rex says:

    I have seen Megan present on this topic countless times and I still learn something new every time. She is AMAZING!

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