CIL2007 — Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets (Cool Stuff you can get right now!)

On the first full day of CIL 2007, this rapid fire presentation was delivered by Barbara Fullerton from 10K Wizard, Sabrina Pacifici, and and Aaron Schmidt, Director of the North Plains Public Library. By the way, their website uses a blog interface. Very Cool.

Here are the highlighted items.

QR code — Coming from Japan. Point at this code and get information on your cellphone about product or place. This is my website address in QR Code.

baldgeek in qr code

Shredder Scissors ($15.37) at Compact-Impact and I am sure other places.

80 Gig IPod. (329.00) There is hope that half of my collection can fit on a device <g>

Cube World – Digital Stackable People. ($24.95 or $29.95)Think (for the middleagers, Tomogochi’s for your cubicle)

Cable Tamer ($9.99)– From Office Depot (substituted for what they said in presentation.)

Collapsible Chopsticks (24.99) at and other retailers. Never waste wood again! — (FREE) Voice to email or sms (text) message service.

Virtual Keyboard (179.99) at thinkgeek and other stores.

Computer RearView Mirror ($9.99) from Computer

Flexible, Waterproof Keyboard (14.99) for checking your email, blogs and feeds right by the pool. From

Palm Sized R/C Helecopter (29.99) — Like you don’t have fun at work!

USB Missle Launcher ($39.99) You know you need to defend your workspace!

Dodgeball — Not the True Hollywood Story, but the service that lets your friends know when you and your friends are in a 10 block radius. Yes, it is owned by Google.

Belkin Compact Surge Protector — Neat, compact, has eight plugs and fits against the wall.

Meebo — All of your Im’s in one place. Even on your blog.

International AC Travel Adapter. Save some room in your case with this handy accessory.

Picnik — Free, online photo editor.

Let me know if you try any of these gadgets.


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4 Responses to CIL2007 — Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets (Cool Stuff you can get right now!)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    thanks for your help with Google account

  2. Alan Zuckerman says:

    Wow. BTW, I’m using Snap, which gives me a full image of the webpage that a link is linked to. It’s very useful and very cool.

    I’d love to get on your Christmas list.

  3. Alan Zuckerman says:

    One more try. Is it that you’ve Snap-ified your web links? I thought it was my doing, then I went to Annette’s blog and the hypertext wasn’t showing me Snap images. So it must be something you did, right? If so, then I’ve got to do it on my blog too.

  4. hcpltechfair says:

    Its actually part of WordPress, the blog software that I am using for this blog.

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