I (NO-Heart) IE6

If you are not seeing the wonderful widgets and things on the side of my blog, you are probably using IE6 to view the site.

If you scroll down the page they are there (I promise. Well, at least on my version of IE6.)

The site works really, really nicely in Firefox or IE 7.

Sorry about that IE6 users.

Drop me a line via Contactify if you are having trouble. Or just to talk.


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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2 Responses to I (NO-Heart) IE6

  1. Lori says:

    When are we supposed to find time to do this 2.0 stuff? Can we get extra sub time for us and for the subs? Are subs “encouraged to participate?”

    My blog name should probably be “harried and not afraid of my own tech limitations.” : ) (See I do know emoticons)

  2. hcpltechfair says:

    Well, HCPL staff are encouraged by senior staff to do this as a Work Project. Therefore take time during your work day to participate in Learning 2.0.

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