ALA 2007 – Learning When There is no Time (or money) to learn

CLENE. Continuing Education and Networking Exchange Roundtable
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Saturday, June 23rd
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Learning when there is not time (or money) to learn

Pat Carterette
Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library

Ohio Library Council Library Staff Core Competencies
Find your learning style here at
Lifelong Education @ Desktop at North Texas University

Program Summary:
Pat got a room full of staff development specialists and trainers to talk about what you are doing in your training life and to show how your system can learn when there is no time.
This is a well constructed presentation about learning, online learning and organizational learning cultures,  patterns and how to create and foster a culture of learning in a library system including peer training in your system.
There are presentation slides but the best part of the workshop was the 15 things completed in this session by each attendee.

“15 things” about training and staff development.
My fifteen things were:
1: My best training session attended this past year:
Tie: Black Belt Librarian and CIL2007
2 and 3: Sharing who we sat next to in the session:
Betty from Virginia, and Angela from Washington,
4, 5 and 6:Three things I want or need to learn more about:
Open Source software such as Wink and Moodle, Golf and Gardening,
7, 8, 9 and 1o: Four great things about learning and training at my library —
Staff immersed into culture and training from first day and in onboarding;
One FT Technical Trainer, ME– and One Librarian who specializes in continuing education training for librarians;
bringing trainings TO our system to teach all staff at the same time;
senior management support for staff training.
11, 12, 13, 14 and 15:Five AHA moments from this workshop:

  • 15 things (Well a couple more than 15);
  • Online learning resources;
  • That HCPL is ahead of the staff training culture curve and we have a culture of learning;
  • Your system, if it is sirsi/dynix system, can get Stephen Abrams to your library for cheap if not free;
  • Kaboodle classes — short 45 minute classes for the basics you need to learn;
  • Adopt a Database program – librarian staff pick a database, become an expert and champion and help market the databases.  Of 17 libraians 16 participate and produce bookmarks and truly help market the databases to the public;
  • Find your learning Style at

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A trainer in Maryland
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4 Responses to ALA 2007 – Learning When There is no Time (or money) to learn

  1. Nini says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Again, I missed a good session, but asked a few people who attended and they just said “It was really good and you, know, the ususal”. I am noticing that your blog posts are much more descriptive than anything I’ve ever gotten from someone after a session. I’m guessing it’s because you are right there getting it down. Thank you SO much.

  2. Thanks for the summary! I was bummed I had to miss this program… but did get to attend the 4th Annual CLENE Training Showcase (ok, that was a little shameless self-promotion…)

    -Pete, aka CLENE Membership Chair,

  3. Thanks for sharing! I did not get to attend this year, am very interested in training ideas and continuing education provision. vb.

  4. Onboarding says:

    Thanks for this wonderful posting. Actually today’s web based onboarding solutions has reduced the difficulty of HR professionals to a great extent.

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