ALA 2007 – Trade Show Travelogue, Part One.

I just got done with the first half of the exhibit hall here at ALA 2007.

Here is my travelogue of the exhibit hall. Below are some images from the show. The best part about trade areas are two fold. First, seeing the booths and what swag the vendors come up with to keep them in your mind. BWI had a rocking parrott and Heerey had a blue 52 chevy matchbox pickup. Second, to see how much stuff people can take home with them. This is true in the library world or in the PC/Technology world expos.

I started with ALA Techsource Booth, since I wanted my blogger badge sticker. Armed with that sticker, it made sense to people that I was going around and taking pictures and talking to people throughout the show. Sort of a new fangled press card for your hat.

I ran into Cathy Ashby of the Ruth Enlow Library of Garrett County at the BWI booth.
Their rep, Lynn was showing me Playaway’s which BWI is the exclusive wholesaler of all titles from them. Horn toot– Playaway was the technology that I took back to HCPL from PLA last year in Boston.

Then on my way to the Small Press Area, I went by PLA’s booth. The person at the booth was Anthony Loum, Coordinator of Adult Services for the Brooklyn Public Library, in my old stomping grounds of Brooklyn.

Anthony Loum, BPL.

I was able to pick up some great information about reaching the hearing impaired via the Friends of Libraries for Deaf Action.

Friends of the Library for Deaf Action.Teresa Taylor is a teacher with the Department of Defense Education Activity Schools and she was the “bag monitor” for her group at ALA.

DOD’s Teresa Taylor BagWatch.

I also met the publishers of Choose Your Adventure. Very nice folks from Vermont. I hope to see them at PLA in Minnesota. ( I hope that someone is listening…)

The Graphic Novel Press next to unshelved (very nice writer, I will try to remember the press’ name and her name tomorrow) likes library blogs for fun reading. She recommended two of them Foxy Librarian and Tales from the Liberry

Alycia Wilson from DC Comics was great to talk to about comic fandom and the different types of comic people.

Now, a picture of “emerging leader” Jenine Lillian from the Fayetteville Public Library (AK) and Gene from Unshelved.

Emerging Leader and Gene

And finally, I am typing this while talking to the Eclectic Librarian from Central Washington.


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One Response to ALA 2007 – Trade Show Travelogue, Part One.

  1. Patty K. says:

    Hi Maurice, from your blog, it sure looks like you’ve been active in D.C. How do you mangage to see all the sites and add them to your blog simultaneously?! You’re too much…good job………pk

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