ALA 2007 – Today’s short travel note

Today for ALA here in DC, I took the local MARC train down from my home in Edgewood, MD. The train was scheduled to arrive in DC at 8:07 am with plenty of time for me to come here, get settled and get set up for the next event I wanted to attend.

But Murphy’s Law took effect and the train decided to break down in Baltimore Penn Station, so all passengers were placed on the next train out of Baltimore, scheduled to arrive in Washington at 8:45 am. However, this train was also delayed and got into Union Station at 9:07 am. I was an hour late and just got my first cup of coffee for the day. Yippee…

Next year, at ALA 2008 it will be very smart to stay in the host city since commuting from Edgewood, MD to Anaheim, CA each day would be quite a schlep. (hint#2)  Also staying in the host city allows me to attend the really early morning and late afternoon and evening events.  Such as the blogger mixer I missed while coming home last night.  


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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