ALA 2007 — Open Source Systems Interest Group Report

At heart, I am a geek, but a human geek. I did not make it to the LITA Open Source Systems Interest Group on Monday at ALA.To say the least, I was disappointed but sometimes you are in the right place talking to the right person at the right time. Julian Clark was there, ended up in the LITA Sponsored Blogger Grotto, and shared with me his notes on the meeting. Big thanks Julian. Good luck in Library School!

So, I dressed up and linked his notes and here is the report.

by Julian Clark
Serials Assistant
Georgetown University Law Library
Unofficial Chronicles Correspondent and all around good guy

Julian Clark, SA Georgetown University

LITA Open Source Systems Interest Group


Drupal — Open Source Content Management and Site Development software

(Library Information and Technology Association, a division of the American Library Association)

LITA Open Source Systems Interest Group (OSSIG)

You can sign up for the OSSIG discussion list at ( )
Don’t know about listservs? Click here for Tidewater Community College’s student Listserv instructions.

Software Freedom Law Center — Lawyers for OS and Freeware developers.

Evergreen – Open Source (FREE) Intergrated Library System (website) (blog where the good stuff seems to be!)

Extensible Catalog (XC)

Ubuntu A complete open source system

Zotero ( a Firefox “a truly wonderful open source browser’ extension) -Grabs citation information right from the electronic source.

We’re not married to open source; we’re just dating.” Great quote by someone at the meeting.

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LITA Open Source Systems Interest Group Meeting

Report on Programs at ALA 2007:

  • Excellent numbers at the program for open source ILS. There could have had more involvement with ILS software developers.
  • Drupal program also well received Should LITA plan a separate Drupal conference?
  • Do preconferences on Friday in 2008?( I say yes to this, especially if I am going to Anaheim,CA for ALA 2008) Should LITA keep these to 20 people? Should there be an installfest for Open Source Software?

Possible programs for ALA 2008:

  • Open Source Software legal issues
  • LiveCD for Creative Commons — Do we know what will be the Linux base distribution? Yes, Red Hat.
    • What should go on the CD? Various media files, open source media editors/players, support for various devices and content management/blog software. The CD’s purpose is to show libraries what can be done with open source content.
  • Open Document Format legislation has been pretty much defeated by Microsoft at the state level. We could get a representative from MS and from a state in for a discussion of the merits of their positions. This could be a really big program for OSSIG to undertake.
  • Open ILS’s and XC Could feature a panel discussion with both “sides” of the ILS issue.
  • Ubuntu at Howard County (MD) Public Library. They now use Ubuntu for staff and public terminals. As of today (June 28th, 2007) they are looking for a combination Library Associate and Linux technician.
  • General program issues and ideas:
    • try to find many smaller, but related topics into a comprehensive program;
    • might want to try focusing on the details of technology instead of only being general with topics;
    • bring in people who have adopted technologies;
    • skip a year to give time for development… but make sure not to wait too long on topics that are moving very rapidly

Mailing List issues: Is the current list being well-maintained? Move to ALA (Sympa) seems most favorable

Who’s using what for what? (This looks like a room “go around” bg)

  • Linux LiveCD– used for instruction sessions for students. Intended for laptops
  • JavRef -note-taking software, Java-based
    • doesn’t work well with catalogs
    • can now use OpenOffice simple database
    • helpful for bibliographies
  • Zotero ( a Firefox “a truly wonderful open source browser’ extension) -Grabs citation information right from the electronic source.
  • Use OSS for image management
  • LAMP technologies
  • USB bootable distributions being sent to faculty members. They need to be able to be configure the BIOS to boot from a USB port.
  • Tips for videocasting conference sessions:
    • remember to get release forms
    • MythTV (for video distribution)
    • also being considered by BIGWIG
  • Quipu Group
    • courier management system for county/state library systems
    • tends to use LAMP
    • still working on an ERM system (Goldrush)
  • Index Data
  • North of Boston Library Exchange
  • beginning to try Ubuntu on public computers
  • Ubuntu conference in the fall???
  • Gadwin (screenshot software) — can print directly, save to file…
  • UConn
    • issues with sharing source code
    • currently deciding to keep software closed for now, with considerations for open source later
    • Dark Archives
    • developing a single sign-on application
  • moving servers to Zen and virtualized environments; also using CentOS
  • file server for an office
  • investigating a replacement of an ILS (or at least a new interface); replacing WebCT
  • using Drupal for course/subject guides
  • use LAMP for various customer feedback applications and the Intranet
    • choosing which applications will have content public vs. private
  • making a transition from MySQL to Oracle for certain applications

We’re not married to open source; we’re just dating.”


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A trainer in Maryland
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