ALA 2007 — Wrap Up and Lessons Learned or Last Call ’til Anaheim

If this is your first time here ...Welcome …and after the jump there are links to all of all of my ALA 2007 related posts. Read away and let me know if you enjoyed them.

First two tips o’ the cap to folks who noticed my continuing experiment of blogging conferences and my job.

At Libraryola, Chris Zammarelli extended a warm shout-out to these Chronicles during ALA. Thanks a bunch for that. And thanks for leading the American Library Association!!! to my blog where they quoted me not once but twice in AL Direct June 27th, 2007 . I am there just over half -way down under Other Events talking about a workshop I attended and my visits to the vendor floor. I am overwhelmed and thankful for the notices.

Now to for Lessons Learned and Wrap Up of tidbits about ALA 2007.

I learned about big conferences. Well, I thought I knew big conferences. I have been to PC Expo in New York City (under one big roof) but have never experienced something quite this darn big.


It was so big, that DC Metro Police had to use a more mobile way to get around.

Segway at ALA

I learned that ALA in Southern California in 2008 would be a cool thing to attend!! (Thank you for participating in the third in a series of subtle hints to my HR director and supervisor laying the ground work to attend next year’s annual.) Look I would fit right into the SoCal style.

Maurice and SurfBoard 2

I learned that many vendors are very nice folks. And the vendor showcase is Big. Really Really Big. Wear comfortable shoes.

show floor

I remembered that you will see strange sights at these conferences.

Queens Library Blimp Phyllis Wheatley?

I learned that I want to do more with, contribute to and learn more from LITA BIGWIG, LITA OSSIG, LITA Public Library TechnologyIG, and PLA.

I learned that there is a website ( to help you identify your learning style.

I learned that even though it is cheaper to commute to these conferences, you miss the really good early morning programs and early and late evening networking and socializing.

I learned that I love being around scads of smart, dedicated and just plain nice folks from around the world.

I remembered not to pick up too much swag from the vendors.

Swag 1 Swag 2

I learned that my library system, even though we may feel behind, is right there or ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing and integrating new and older technologies for staff and patrons.

I learned that I love to blog at big conferences and to appreciate blog salons, outlets and free wifi.

And finally, I learned that even though the MARC train (our local bare bones commuter railroad) has its downfalls, the view coming home to Harford County from the train CANNOT be beat.

sunset over gunpowder river

So, who wants to sponsor an (almost) Bald Technology Trainer at ALA 2008? Hey, I will blog from your booth…go along on golf outings or Disneyland or San Diego or Tijuana… I am open to talking about details…

Click below for links to all of my ALA 2007 posts.

These links are in chronological order from the earliest on Saturday, June 23rd to The Post about Open Source Software. I kind of figure that you don’t need a link to this article since you are still reading it.


Saturday at ALA

ALA 2007 Badges — You will need those stinkin’ badges
ALA 2007 – Open Source Meta Data Creation

Presented by: LITA- Library & Infromation Technology Association of ALA
Open Source Software Interest Group
10:30 am to Noon
Saturday June 23rd, 2007

ALA 2007 – Learning When There is no Time (or money) to learn

Presented by: CLENE. Continuing Education and Networking Exchange Roundtable
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Saturday, June 23rd

Sunday at ALA

ALA 2007 – A moment of fanboydom.
ALA 2007 – Into The Breach!!!
ALA 2007 – Random Blogger and New Yorker Connection
ALA 2007 – Trade Show Travelogue, Part One.

Monday at ALA

ALA 2007 – Today’s short travel note
ALA 2007 – Day one and two posts

Tuesday and Beyond…..

ALA 2007 — Open Source Systems Interest Group Report
ALA 2007 — Trade Show Travelogue II: Unfinished Business


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2 Responses to ALA 2007 — Wrap Up and Lessons Learned or Last Call ’til Anaheim

  1. BookChickJen says:

    Christy and I have decided that it is a group effort. Find someone to sponsor you and your entourage~me & Christy! I can be a backup blogger and Christy can put all the photos on Flickr!

  2. Char says:

    Well, my vote certainly is null in this scenario, but I hope that you get your chance to go to the 2008 ALA conference. You certainly have a passion for computer technology and sharing information with staff.

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