Learning 2.0 Project — Numbers 1 and 2 of 23ish Things — 7.5 Habits

(Full disclosure, I am one of the folks running the program for Harford County (MD) Public Library and viewed the presentation below back in April? May? and these are my thoughts from then.) Now onto the post….

The first thing we are directed to do for the program was to read the blog (check) and to watch the presentation created by PLCMC (look for a link to their 2.0 project on my sidebar to the right) about lifelong learning.

Now, as a trainer and technology Johnny Appleseed, I constantly have to learn about new technologies and how to leverage them for myself and for the staff I work with and train. Tough job, having to play with new technologies and tell folks about them. I learn to suffer through it day after day.

So, I happen to keep most of the seven.5 habits in mind on a daily basis. The habit I am closest to is play, which is the spirit you should have when learning, and viewing problems as challenges. I love to “problem solve” epically applying different or new ideas to solve a problem creatively. I try to bring the “what the heck” attitude toward solutions to problems to create either a great new or better more traditional solution to a problem.


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