Learning 2.0 Project — Numbers 3 and 4 of 23ish Things — Blogs

Number 3: Create a Blog
Number 4: Register your Blog

We will just consider those done and done. This blog has been around since CIL 2007 back in April.

This exercise, creating your blog and blogging about the 7.5 habits works as a good introduction to your ideas being shared with almost anyone. Also, the skills learned from setting up and customizing your blog, serve us well as you continue along with each of the MD Learning 2.0’s 23 things.

In my position as the de-facto “Learning 2.0 blog coordinator” for HCPL, I am truly awed by our staff that have jumped in feet first into the blog world, and most have taken the blog posts about each of the learning “things” that could be just one or two sentences and have actually written well thought out and insightful posts about many things around these “23 things”, technology, or what they discovered or accomplished during the learning program. I am happily awed by this staff’s creativity.


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