Learning 2.0 Project — Number 15 of 23ish Things — Web 2.0 Perspectives

#15 Read a few perspectives on Web 2.0, Library 2.0 & the future of libraries

The fifteenth thing of this learning project encourages conversation about the future of library service and how it relates to Web 2.0.

There are a number of perspectives development of more user-created content- weather that is virtually or physically in the neighborhood library.  This is not a new development.   The tools have changed, but our users/patrons/customers/clients   have been creating their vision of the library in conjunction with library staff for many years.

The better library systems, no matter the size, continue to work with their patrons to enhance the quality of their physical and virtual presence though “Friends of” groups, purchasing suggestions, board membership checkout statistics, and daily communication with library professionals.  Web 2.0 gives both patrons and library staff another toolkit to use to serve the purpose of providing (in my library’s motto) Access to Information, Anytime, Anywhere.

Web 2.0 tools allow a more immediate impact method of content creation and use for all involved with library programming and direction.  Our users are more and more expecting an immediate response to a change or question.   Web 2.0 tools allow some of that with the ability to change and provide commentary with many Web 2.0 technologies.


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