Learning 2.0 Project — Number 23 of 23ish things — Celebration

 Thing 23 The Summary of the 23 Things Project.

Cue: Kool and the Gang — Celebration — “Let’s all celebrate and have a good time”

I have reached the end of the 23 things program and I have to say that I learned a bunch.   As you may have seen on my posts, I did know some of the technologies, but not all of them and had not experienced them through the eyes of my fellow staff members, some of whom I helped along the Learning 2.0 continuum, and some I watched from afar through their blogs.

I saw tools such as Campfire, Wikis, YouTube, Blogs and RSS feeds that I see added to our system’s resource box for working smarter.  Also, the general technological “good feel” of the place has increased with people helping other staff through the project.    The MP3 completion incentive carrots helped a LOT!

I saw people who did not want to do the program at first or were scared to start take to it like ducks to water.   In one case, it lead to this person’s daughter exclaiming that “your myspace page is so much cooler than my plain page.”  To someone of more seasoned vintage, that is a kind of cool thing to hear your kid say to you.

Another great Learning 2.0 story is one of our staff members, who said at the technology fair we held — (paraphrasing) “I don’t know when I will have the time, I don’t think I can do it before October, (our staff day prize parade) don’t think I can fit it in during summer reading program..etc.”    I then just the other day received a note from this same librarian who said:

“Even though I learned new “bad” words trying to wade through 23 things, it was fun to be “in the know” as to why this was funny.  This being a Sunday Dilbert cartoon from September 9th, 2007.

These two stories are why I loved doing and helping this program get done in Harford County.

Soooooo…have you started to 2.0?


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3 Responses to Learning 2.0 Project — Number 23 of 23ish things — Celebration

  1. lindabeekeeper says:

    Library 2.1 is fun too. I’ve just started. You’ve got to check out zamzar.com. My new fave.

  2. zuckermana says:

    This initiative has been one of the best things HCPL has ever done. We promoted it, we supported it in every way possible, we dangled bodacious prizes in front of people, we made a big deal of it… And it paid off royally. The organizational will never be the same again, in a good way. It has truly entered the 21st century. Those who do not finish the 23 things will look back and kick themselves in the butt for having missed the opportunity while their colleagues have gained new knowledge of the world that is changing around them.

    Hooray for Library 2.0, Innovation, and lots of other things.

  3. irmbrown says:

    Had trouble finding your comments link … wonder why the tags crowd in?

    Anyway, nice job… it’s been fun! thanks for you help.

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