One Web Day — Tomorrow September 22nd Worldwide


Tomorrow is One Web Day to celebrate all things that are good and webby….and recognizing that we have far to go to get access to folks worldwide that are not able to connect.

Harford County Public Library News and Events (My system’s news and events blog) asks a question about how the web has changed my life. My short answer–it has transformed and at times saved it. My long answer follows here…

In my 13 years of weblife I have:

Planned my wedding,  planned my honeymoon,  purchased all types of tickets,  make hotel reservations, researched my family tree,  listened to baseball games, used internet radio,  created web resource lists,  helped others become “web saavy, ” created a blog, downloaded music,  put digital pictures online,  found old friends online,  found new friends online,  found the love of your life, worked remotely online, taught someone how to blog, made a website for yourself, made a website for someone else, created a wiki, edited someone else’s wiki, created a MySpace, visited a 3-D world like Second Life,  completed a homework assignment,  contacted your congressman, requested a book, downloaded an audio book or movie,  got directions to an event;  ….and this is what I can remember.

Safe to say that the web has profoundly changed my life.

What do you say?


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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