Back to life and off the Navajo Reservation

I am back at work after flying into Baltimore last week from Arizona. There was limited (if the hamster was working) internet some places we stood on and near the Navajo Reservation. Grand Canyon was the least nice place we ended up going…

We (my lovely wife and I) went to …..Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Lowell Observatory, Sunset Crater, Wupatki National Monument, Cameron Trading Post, Tuba City, Tuba City Trading Post, Explore Navajo Museum, Navajo National Monument, Kanyeta, Monument Valley, Goulding’s Hotel (Where John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and John Ford slept,) Goosenecks State Park (UT), Valley of the Gods(UT), Blanding, Utah, Edge of the Cedars (UT) State Park, Four Corners, Canyon de Chelly (one evening and one morning,) Hubbell’s Trading Post, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Flagstaff, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Montezuma’s Castle National Monument, and Sedona.

Two pictures from the trip……..

cave painting petrified forest 07 Edge of the Cedars State Park


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