Looking for a needle in the Milky Way NBPM Day 14

So, I have this blog, about library things, training things and odd things. Now the question is how do folks find this blog?

Perhaps you have seen some shameless self promotion of mine. Or you there is a link from the Library Links of the Cool Librarian. Or you saw me on M.E.R.L.I.N – Maryland Essential Resources For Library Information Networks. Or you saw quotes in the ALA Magazine AL Direct June 27th, 2007 right after the conference.

Or you used a search engine.

Now some of the search terms I understand:

maryland library association” conference
Maryland Staff Development

Then there some very specific queries:

“QUEENS LIBRARY” AND blimp AND conference
technological with but participant conference
Your life work” the librarian “you tube”

Then one or two are puzzling:

“slam the boards” librarians
aaron schmidt handsome

There are some days that my mental model does not mesh with the webtubes.  How did you find this blog?


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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One Response to Looking for a needle in the Milky Way NBPM Day 14

  1. Lori Reed says:

    I found you from a Technorati search for library+ trainer. I’ve been on a search to find other trainers to connect with in the library world. I’m gad I found you! Keep up the daily postings! I enjoy reading them.

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