A Short Rant about Premature X-Mas — NBPM 17

Last week, my wife was worried about hitting traffic going into work.

I said “But it is Saturday.”

Her reply ” Yeah, but Santa is arriving at the Mall and the traffic can be really bad. ”

The date:  November 10th 2007.  45 shopping days till you feel guilty for not spending every last cent you can.

I HATE the fact that a station here has already gone over the “all X-mas all the time” music, and I have not had a chance to put myself on the outside of a pile of Thanksgiving Day eats.  Or seen shoveled a single snowflake.

Heck, some stores were advertising “Get your shopping early” specials right around Halloween.   ARRRRRGH!

Here I am a traditionalist.   I do not want to multi-task holidays.    Chirstmas season begins with you rising at 4 am to catch the doorbuster day after Turkey Day savings.

And not a minute before.

Thank you for your time.


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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