Back in the land of raging hormones — NBPM Day 20

So, should I be angry? Miffed? Flummoxed? I am still contemplating that quandry.

If you want to put this on your blog, just make sure that you scrutinize the HTML before you copy it and see if you want to place the discreetly hidden “cash advance” ad in the HTML on your website.

If you do not want some small ad hanging around your website, just delete everything in the html starting with the “<p> ” up to and including the closing “</p>” at the end of the code they supply. You can check it out too at

Thanks to the Hevay Metal Librarian for pointing this out.


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3 Responses to Back in the land of raging hormones — NBPM Day 20

  1. Aaron says:

    See, this is why I don’t trust these “rate your blog” thingies. Your blog is unfailingly civil, upbeat, and helpful in tone, and your spelling and grammar are impeccable. I swear constantly, make fun of stupid people (which is nearly everyone) on a daily basis, and almost everything I write is in fragment form. Yet our respective ratings somehow ended up the exact opposite of what they should be! It makes no sense.

    Case in point: we both caught that annoying little snippet of html that sticks an ad into the unsuspecting website, but you pointed it out, and even provided handy instructions for the non-geek on how to remove it. Did I? Hell no. I could’ve done so, but I didn’t, because I’m lazy and selfish. I should be docked points for that alone.

    I just tested the website of the library where I work, and it’s apparently written at an elementary school level. Wow. I’m not at all sure the Blog Readability Test is a force for good.

  2. Lori Reed says:

    Love the new banner! And have to say when this came through my RSS I did not see the image so I was wondering why you were talking about your hormones! Glad I clicked through to see the post 🙂

  3. The (almost) Bald Trainer says:

    Thank you kind sir and lady. Aaron, I think you are right about the blog readability test as a force of eeeeevil. But I do try to give all sides light on my blog.

    Lori thanks for noticing the new banner. Something I have wanted to do for a while and found a little time to get done.

    Happy bird y’all.

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