Change is constant, but not always good or needed.

This past weekend I learned a valuable lesson in life that can be used in my training life. 

For our 5th anniversary and Christmas present to each other, we purchased a large screen television.   Frankly our old television was slowly going to the dogs and we were sick of squinting to see what was on the screen.  There is also the outside wall where our couch sits, that gets very cold on your head during the winter.  

So my wife and decided to move our entire basement around in an effort to change our basement setup for the better.   That means two bookcases, DVD tower, six sectional sofa pieces with 4 custom built supports for each, a large chair, an entertainment center and a couple of smaller pieces.    All in one long evening.   We did a great job moving everything around to prepare for the television delivery. 

It took us about 32 seconds to hate it.  Completely.  Totally. Without question.  

So, the next morning, I moved the entire thing back to the way it was.   And now we are happy. 

The moral.  While change is good sometimes it is not necessary.   So when training, sometimes the old habits and the way you do things are still the best way to do things. 

I am sure my grandmother is somewhere agreeing with me. 


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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