In Memoraium: Netscape Navigator 1994-2008

naviator logo Netscape Navigator, born 1994 will pass for all intents and purposes from this mortal coil February 2008.

Survived by: two children- Mozilla and Firefox; a nephew, the Open Source Software movement; a distant cousin Internet Explorer; and many friends and admirers who now use the internet in their daily lives.

MicroBiography: Navigator was the first browser that many folks (yours truly included) started using in the mid 90’s when the world wide web was an infant to access and browse the Internet. The friendly N logo was in the corner with its orbiting sun letting you know that it was bringing a whole new world to high speed 80386 computer. It got supplanted by the Internet Explorer browser in the late 1990’s with Microsoft bundling IE with its operating system. Netscape was purchased by AOL in 1999 and folded into the ever expanding AOL family and morphed into recently into a social networking platform.

Netscape started as a paid product, but was freed in 1998. The folks who ran Netscape also help start the Mozilla project, which developed the fab Firefox browser and other open source goodies. Which is what they recommend the few Navigator users left migrate to as a browser.

I have fond memories of Navigator helping to guide my introduction to the web and writing HTML. Thanks Navigator. RIP.

Further exploration:

The official AOL/Netscape obituary; A Longtime Around Netscape Peer Support Page; A Netscape History; A perspective on the end of Navigator; and finally a browser timeline.


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