Fine, no MacBook Air…How about the XO?

Yesterday I got to check out the coolest computer around. No, no, not the MacBookAir (though, if one arrived for me in the mail, I would not complain.)

I saw and used an XO (the 100 dollar laptop.) And was very very impressed.


Briefly, the “$100” laptop is designed to go to emerging third world countries and help children use technology to improve their lives at a relatively low start-up cost. Now the laptop did not quite reach its goal of $100. In fact it missed it by about 88 bucks. Not too shabby. And it was truly designed for where it would be used. You could get one for$200 for about two weeks last year, only if you bought one to be donated to a developing country. You can donate to them here.

Some cool features:

* Completely sealed keyboard that be spilled on or soiled and it still works just as well.


* Rugged, durable, and yet still incredibly functional. And the screen flips around to work as an E-book Reader and game controller. All with a built in microphone and camera.


* Screen can be seen even in direct sunlight. And uses even less power than the full screen brightness to do so.


* Forms mesh network with other XO laptops for instant communication and sharing between computers.

* Complete access to source code for all programs and different types of code writing software, designed for school aged children.

My only thing is that it should also be made available to children here in the good old USA in places of abject poverty and zero resources. That said, I hope they do the buy one donate one thing again this year. I think I might get me one of these for myself.


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