Sports Break — NY Football Giants in the Big Game

Pardon me for a small interlude, but there are few things in the world that feel so wonderful to a die hard sports as myself as a sudden/unlikely/unexpected/completely shocking run to a championship.   The team I have followed since the late 70’s is back in the big game.  The Giants are in the Super Bowl!!!! after winning three straight road playoff games.

ny giants logo.

They remind me of the Patriots before they became the New England “Axis of all Evil not consumed by the Boston Red Sox” Patriots.

Unproven young quarterback.  Check.
Good young smart defense. Check.
Don’t turn the ball over.  Check.
No nonsense old school coach.  Check.
Coach would go for a 4 th and 10  with nine minutes remaining on the road. Check.
Facing the greatest offense of the past decade. Check.
Serious and I do mean SERIOUS underdog. Check.
Perhaps it is time the the Patriots of ’07 meet the Patriots of ’01.  To refresh your memory, the beat the “unbeatable” St. Louis Rams 20-17.

Sounds almost right.

How about 27-24 New York Giants.   That works.

We now return you to your regular timely and incisive information about technology and training.


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2 Responses to Sports Break — NY Football Giants in the Big Game

  1. Lori Reed says:

    I am so rooting for the Giants! For one I don’t want the Pats to tie with the Dolphins record breaking 1972 season. This is going to be the best superbowl in years. Can’t wait! I might even break down and get a babysitter so we can go watch it on a big screen.

  2. Aaron says:

    As you probably guessed from my post, I’m rooting for New England. However, I’m deeply grateful to the Giants for knocking out, in consecutive weeks, the Cowboys and Packers. I can’t stand either of those teams.

    While it would be hard to get despondent if the Patriots did get upset (after all, New England sports fans have been pretty spoiled this decade) I would like them to win, and pretty much for the opposite reason mentioned in the previous comment: I really want the 1972 Dolphins to lose their unique claim to fame, if only to make Mercury Morris finally shut up.

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