Courses That Should be in Library School

Working in a library you get to know all sorts of folks who either went or are going to library school.

The Annoyed Librarian posted these classes she wished were in her library school curriculum.

Her list (full descriptions on her blog):

LIS 501: Library Politics
LIS 502: Appearance and Deception
LIS 503: Doing the Work
LIS 504: Library Organization

Then the power of learning 2.0 was invoked with commentary and building on her original post to lead to many very very funny and some quite truthful course names and descriptions, such as:

LIS 1000 How Not To Deal with Perverts@ Your Library
LIS 583b Bandwagoning, among many others.

Read the list and enjoy a good laugh. Add one if you can!


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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