Kindle for me?!? A Friday Morning Library Treat

Sometimes you hope, you dream and you wish. And sometimes that wish comes true. I wanted to try a Kindle since first hearing about them, but was not willing to shell out for one. I even posted a link to a review of them: kindle review. Now I can write one of my own.

This morning, I was selected as half of the team charged with “Get to Know the Kindle” by my truly forward thinking library system, Harford County Public Library.


Of course there will be more serious discourse in these pages in the future about it. My first impression is that it is small which is great, content such as many books, blog feeds, magazines and newspapers, have to be purchased or subscribed to.

I am looking for ways to get around that for now.

On the bright side, the screen is crystal clear and the browser is very cool.


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2 Responses to Kindle for me?!? A Friday Morning Library Treat

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is on my wish list, too!

    Can you load ebooks off of your computers on it?

    Check out for their Reader. For a limited time only (brings back memories of old tv commercials) you get 100 free classic book downloads. Since I’m working my way through the Jane Austens, it’s appealing.

  2. mdvp says:

    If you want free books (“I am looking for ways to get around that for now.”), I have personal experience in downloading them to the Kindle off of two sites: and

    Both of them are mobile versions of sites that offer free books, mainly in the public domain. There are a myriad of other sites which offer either similar public domain works or self published authors, or a mix, in the mobipocket format that is compatible with Kindle. What makes these two special is that they do not require transfer by the USB cable, you can access them with the experimental web browser on Kindle. Manybooks is fairly straightforward, search the site and it will offer several formats to download to Kindle, choose “Mobipocket.” The mobile version of feedbooks is more geared specifically to Kindle, it allows you to download a ‘book’ that appears on the home screen, which is actually a list of the thousands of books available from it. Once you sign in one time, unlimited downloads are at your fingertips. Perfect for libraries, which will be offering much of the same in addition to newer books anyway.

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