E-Books, Kindle and E-readers, Oh My!

This post is for my co-worker J, who is mulling over the purchase of some sort of electronic book reader. For those of you who are not unfamiliar with the new generation of electronic book readers or need a handy-dandy look at them, check out this presentation by the Traveling Librarian. He also has a very cool blog. He is in the middle of leading a 23/Learning 2.0 project.

In addition, here is link to his presentation about the Sony E-Book reader

The slide show is hosted on a place called SlideShare. You can upload or tag uploaded presentations and keep them in one spot. I have a slide space that is in beta testing at the moment.

Later this week, I will put up an update about the Kindle. I will say that it has both things I love and things I would change in a heartbeat.


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One Response to E-Books, Kindle and E-readers, Oh My!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I still have to weigh my wants & needs, but I think I’m going with Sony.

    The presentation helped, though.


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