Just a lil’ CIL rant

Why, oh Why can’t we have “freeish” wireless access at a Computers in Libraries conference with $200 plus per night hotel rooms??!???!  I mean, if Days Inns and Super 8’s can hook a brother up..why not the Hyatt??!???!?!?!?

I just *coughed* up 10 bucks to get some access until tomorrow.   Yea.

Thus ends this message.  Thank you for your time.


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3 Responses to Just a lil’ CIL rant

  1. Oh man, M – I found the hook-up! I went down to the lobby and asked, and found that there’s just NOTHING free, not even the business center. So I took the laptop up to the third floor outside the Lincoln Room, and I have just been Internettin’ my fool head off! Don’t pay another day! akg

  2. for real man. Seems like a serious rip off. Just paid for 2 days and feeling no love from the Hyatt.

  3. I thought about heading back downstairs to see if the wireless was up, but my room is more comfortable and I needed to be on for HOURS!

    Bill Spence said that we were maxing out the hotel’s network today. This conference definitely draws a crowd that wants to be very connected.

    Unfortunately, I bet there is no way for ITI to get us free access in our rooms. Likely the T-Mobile deal was cut by Hyatt HQ and there is no way to bypass it. (Just my guess.) But boy it would be nice!

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