CIL2008 Day the First A review.

Well, it is very late, I am uploading to YouTube some video of my night at the Gaming and Gadgets workshop tonight. This is my YouTube channel. While I have some time (and anyone who has uploaded to YouTube knows, time is what you have when when using YouTube ,) here are my w00ts, deltas and ugly’s of day one @CIL2008

Some w00ts:

Doing a great IMHO, workshop. The LiB wrote about it here. Glad it went well. Here is the presentation on SlideShare.

Meeting quite a few folks that were blog or IM names before. The Librarian In Black, Walking Paper and the Travelin’ Librarian to name three.

A truly free and unexpected lunch. Thanks Info Today. Also, our moderator and IT were great helping us get set up for our workshop and after we discovered a wee problem in the program book.

Meeting some nice folks from our workshop, talking about what has worked, what hasn’t and trying to turn library staff into change agents.

Using the tools I have yapped about for a year or more to really capture the conference. My Flickr. My YouTube. Look for the CIL2008 and CIL2008gaming tag at a social network site near you!

Signing Gimmie Shelter at the Gaming workshop. Anyone have a picture I can show please let me know.

The Gaming workshop. I am going to purchase and X360 so I can get my Rolling Stones on again.

The room. Nice. Expensive, but nice. And the Hyatt Staff is very nice.

WordPress’s new blog interface. Cool as an Arctic blast.


CIL’s free wireless went away after 5 pm or so.

Program book stuff messup.

Add another night of gaming and games for the main part of the conference.

Did I mention the wireless?


Paying 10 bucks for access from my room. See rant here.

Notice that the list is very short at the bottom. That is a good thing. On that note, good night and see you all here “Stepping to the AM.”

and the freight train lulls me to sleep..


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2 Responses to CIL2008 Day the First A review.

  1. aaron says:

    it was great to meet you too! thanks for helping make game night great.

  2. Lori Reed says:

    So that’s what you look like! I told Sarah to post a picture and now you’ve gone and youtubed yourself!

    p.s. way to rock out! Was that Skynrd? My parents knew them in high school.

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