CIL2008 Editorial: A Melanin Observation

One of the things I truly LOVE about CIL more than PLA or ALA, which I have also attended, is seeing other people of color either attending, or more importantly presenting at the conference.

Just wanted to say that out loud.

I ran into Julian Clark from Georgetown, who helped this blog out with some notes at ALA2008, and he too is presenting at CIL.  Unfortunately, it is at the same time as my workshop.   Insert sad face here.


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One Response to CIL2008 Editorial: A Melanin Observation

  1. Jenica says:

    As a white woman, I obviously don’t have the same experiences in finding people ‘like me’ in librarianship, but I get the same happy feeling from CiL — this is by far the most diverse group of librarians, in a lot of different diversity directions, that I get to spend time with. And I love it.

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