CIL2008 High Touch with Customer Care

High Touch with Customer Care:  Amy Blaine is a Librarian from Inova Fairfax Hospital. Her half of the workshop actually got something useful of, so I will write about that. Amy Blaine, Inova Farifax Hospital is the librarian for a Level 1 trauma center in NoVa, and her obstetrics dept delivers 1000 babies a month. They answer 600 questions a month and provide service to their people seven day a week 359 days a year. They serve medical and nursing students, residents, attending physicians, hospital administrators, patients family members and members of the public.

They use a combination of sources to keep their constituents in touch. They use a regular email Patient Education Newsletter with snippets and mini reviews of new patient education resources, from listsrvs, Google and other national accredited sources. They also use a blog for further communication. blast to staff for selected resources and articles and maintain a blog for other types of information communication. They face some challenges to getting the infomation out to their people. This was my great takeaway form this workshop. This is applicable to all technology roll outs in any setting.

If they cannot read, they will never read it;

if the can read it , they might not be able to understand it; and my addition

If they understand it, they may not use it the way you want them to.


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  1. Thanks for you seven second summary of my presentation! 🙂 And also for including the health literacy/literacy aspect – this is so important and is a topic that health care institutions are focusing on more and more, as they should. ~ Amy

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