CIL2008 My Day Two in Review

So, if you notice a lack of posts about the conference, that is because we library geeks with all of our gadgets designed to keep us in touch with each other constantly, fried the hotel’s wireless connection in the conference area, so there was no service in many areas. I will be posting information about the afternoon sessions I attended with notes and all tomorrow. My apologies.

Now onto the Good, Bad and Ugly from day 2.


Meeting old friends in a presentation. And lamenting that I could not provide some support for his presentation, because it is the same time as mine on Wednesday.

Three presentations, two great bookending one good one. Got so me thing from every workshop. Glad I had notepad to fall back upon.

The Internet cafe in the exhibit hall. I was at least able to post some basic information about the morning presentation by the Shifted Librarian.

Electronic Friendly tables in the front of the room for my three sessions. That means powerstrips that anyone could plug into and recharge their equipment.

Putting two faces with voices and people from our statewide Synchronous Training class. Beth from Howard County, Kevin from Cecil County, Nette and I had a grand time at lunch. We found a great pub not too far off the beaten path and had a grand time talking about all sorts of issues.

My wife coming down and staying until tomorrow.

Nette live blogging the conference. The Librarian In Black live blogging.

Finding my blogging about the conference listed in the April 2008 Issue of Computers In Libraries. Check it out. I should have put my real photo in so folks could say howdy here. Oh well.

CIL2008 one of the top tags for flickr today.

Lots of folks of color participating at all levels of this conference.

Folks coming up to me virtually and face to face thanking me for posting the videos from Gaming and Gadgets. I am going to post the best one in a separate post tomorrow. You could look for it on my YouTube channel. Look for Enter Sandman on Rock Band. Trust me, it is GREAT!

Someone asking why don’t you use your webcam and do a streaming feed of the workshops you are attending and your day at CIL.  And then pausing and instantly brainstorming how you could do that with the three people sitting near you.  Then coming to the conclusion that you carry around too much *stuff* to make that work this year, but someone could work on that for next year.

The Bad

I am responsible for reservations for tomorrow’s lunch at the sushi place. They, along with the deli, Legal Seafoods and the restaurants at the hotel were all ahem, jam packed for lunch. There are too many people for the area and not enough restaurants able to handle 2500 or so library folks along with the normal weekday crowd.

Having to drop $$ again for stable wireless. You know my feelings about that..

The Ugly

The conference seems to have overloaded the hotel’s conference wireless capabilities. We inadvertently created a small “denial of serviceseque” on the wireless. Too many needs to connect with too few licenses to connect available equals bottleneck.

Also, there are quite a few folks using twitter to microblog the conference. Seems that created a little stress on twitter also. Or maybe it just seemed that way.

Overall, again more good than bad. I can now say this is my favorite library conference I have attended. I came away last year and will come away from this conference with so much information I almost want to pull myself in eight directions.

I can’t wait for next year.


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One Response to CIL2008 My Day Two in Review

  1. Lori Reed says:

    LOL you all are going to give librarians a reputation there with crashing the wireless!

    Wait till they host a LAN party!

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