CIL2008 Day Three In Review

Today’s CIL2008 Hits and Misses brought to you by Twitter –Once you start, you can’t get enough!

Hits of the day.

A great *triple play* of sessions attended by yours truly today. I will be posting more cohesive notes about each of the presentations shortly.

First, Chad B. from Ohio University talked about how to manage, market, make them work and pulling the plug if needed on wikis.

The next workshop featured two excellent presentations in one short time period.  Three UCF librarians discussed how they used to create on the fly pathfinders, catalouge in-house and we resources and other uses for  UCF’s bookmarks live here.

Michael Sauers and Christa Burns from Nebraska gave a presentation on why twitter, how twitter, and really, twitter?  Systems are using twitter for event publicity and reference, bbc uses twitter for syndication of material and youc an get boston weather via twitter. And yes, there were people twittering the workshop about twitter.

Finally There was the afternoon wrapup workshop, 2.0 Pecha Kucha Conversation Face Off.   Each of the people pictured below

had 20 slides and 6:40 to cover IM, Podcasting, Videocasts, Wiki’s Facebook and someone played the skeptic.  The below pictures represent some o’ the scene at the middle blogging/twitter table.

Merely a small sample of the many folks blogging/twittering shoulder to shoulder at the session.

Wireless access working swimmingly in the hallway, outside of the rooms.

Meeting more people face to face that I know from the intertubes, including a fellow Quaker.

Two Words: Sushi Buffet. Yum.

Hearing “this product was presented more cathedral than bazaar.”


Wireless in the actual session rooms. Really, really, spotty.  Several folks have come to the conclusion that the Hyatt was not prepared with enough wireless for at least a 400 people expecting net access when they wanted it.   Thank god I do not need it for my presentation tomorrow.


So again my hits are better than my misses.  Another great day in CIL2008world.

Tomorrow is another day.


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