Concepts Training @ my library

The pictures below are from our library’s Concepts Training workshop held yesterday.

The training is part of our New Employee Training cycle and combines concepts shared by several organizational and knowledge management systems we exposed our staff to in the past few years: (FISH, Leading From Any Position, Learning Libraries, Problem Solving and Innovation) giving our new staff the same organizational vocabulary as our existing staff.

We want both our new and veteran staff to know that each theory is not a silo, but is part of an entire picture of how we want to learn, grow and continue to evolve as a system, as work teams and as individuals.

The gallery below shows the results of one of the exercises used to reinforce ideas covered in Learning Libraries (System Thinking, Shared Vision and Team Learning) along with Problem Solving and Innovation.  There are a few more pictures on my flickr.

The trainees had a bag of common items ( including dixie cups, string, straws, stickers and plates) and had to create something completely new, while observing how their team made decisions during the design, construction and naming of the thing.


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