MLA 2008: Post I

This is the first post from MLA (Maryland Library Association) Conference 2008 in the resort town of Ocean City MD.  First rule: What happens in OC stays in OC.

I am writing this from outside the vendor area listening to the “Girl from Ipanema Beach”  On Steel Drums.   Yes, this is in Ocean City MD.

New Member Meeting:

Hearing from MLA member chair talking about the importance of networking at a conference.  And pumping up the Maryland Library Association.  And teasing us with tales of stories of going to China with ALA in 1985.

His quote and conference mantra: “We do not do bail or bond…everything else is fair game.”

Western Maryland Regoinal Library Training Coordinator is talking about the Virtual Confernece
provided by Learning Times.  And mentioned the ahem..”crisis” this morning.

There is free access for MLA live conference attendees to access content for one year.   Cool.

MLA and Virtual Conference blog is here:

I am checking out the Vendors and the now moved Virtual Conference session.  Update: I now have a boomerang for my grandson to play with and a bright shiny star for my namebadge.

Also, the new Ocean City library is gorgeous.

As is the conference hotel.  But now all I want is reliable wireless.  Is that too much to ask?  And for my Axim to pick up wireless.  I am so frustrated by the device, it may take an unintended swim in the ocean this morning.

And I want my camera, which I left at home to “travel light”.  Not the smartest move.

More later.


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