MLA Post IV — About Last Night

What do you get when you mix smart librarians, drinking strong mixed adult beverages, answering challenging quiz questions delivered by acerbic and dry host in a fun atmosphere?

Why you have Maryland Library Association’s Pub Night featuring questions about Maryland’s literary history, general knowledge and other great questions. There was even an audio daily double round.

And let’s not forget great team names. For example, there was the team of the Seven Bras, later amended to the Seven Bitter Bra’s after a ruling on a question did not go in their favor.

And then there was my team.

The Pirate King and his Seven Wenches.

We were a juggernaut. Won three of the five multiple question quiz rounds. One of our wins featured five tie breakers.

Congrats to my team mates, all from Harford Co. except one nice lady we adopted from St. Mary’s County Public Library. They are Jenn J; Liz P; Megan B; Linda L; Donna S; Debbie R.

I am so glad to work with such brilliant, quick, funny and talented people.

We should return next year to defend the title.


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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One Response to MLA Post IV — About Last Night

  1. Debbie R. says:

    As a newbie to Pub Night (and part of the juggernaut team of Pirate King and His Seven Wenches), I must say I had a blast. Also was fun to get to know my co-workers in a more relaxed setting and worth staying up way past my usual bed time.
    Can’t wait to defend the crown!

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