Twitter helped my life better:

Twitter made my world a little better by getting me a response from cable giant Comcast.

Here is the conversation from Twitter:

baldgeekinmd (angry this morning after being told I was NOT elligible for the Triple Play package for almost the same price as I pay for my cable and internet at home):
@comcastcares (comcast on twitter) Dear Comcast, I pay you $170 a month, why can’t I get the triple play deal too? I feel hosed. kthanksbye

The response:

comcastcares @baldgeekinmd I can get that for you.

I bow down to the power of a hooked up cable company.  And they just sent me an email to follow up.  I will talk to them tonight.

W00t and yeah twitter.

And here 101 Everyday Uses for Twitter. Thanks travelinlibrarian for the link.


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A trainer in Maryland
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2 Responses to Twitter helped my life better:

  1. Beth says:

    Little know secret about Comcast – bitch enough to get sent to the “retention department”. They will bend over backwards to keep you – Jon did that and got us a FANTASTIC deal. Power to the people!

  2. Bobbi Newman says:

    wow that’s awesome! I had no idea big business had a twitter presence.

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