I <3 Mouseprint

As a boy in Brooklyn, I used to watch the news and loved to see consumer ripoffs exposed to some strong sunlight.   In the 70’s, each of NYC’s three major network o and o’s (owned and operated stations) had famous consumer reporters including Betty Furness and John Stossel, who made sure the people taking advantage of their customers were revealed to a very large local pre-cable audience.

At an early age my shopping bs meter was set at a very sensitive level.

Which is why over the years I have noticed that a “pound of coffee” is not a pound (it is now between 12 and 14 ounces) and a “half gallon of ice cream” became 1.75 quarts and is now moving toward 1.5 quarts all of course for the same price.

And which is why I LOVE MousePrint.  They hold a magnifying glass to the fine print on labels, sizes, warnings and other places were folks like you and I gloss over and get less for the same or more money.

Check out their newest post about orange juice.  Very enlightening.

Add it to your RSS feeder.   Keep informed.


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One Response to I <3 Mouseprint

  1. Lilac says:

    I like this website. I like sites that are geared to help the consumer. David Horowitz puts out a monthly article in the Costco Magazine, which I usually enjoy reading.

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