1st try at Second Life

The name is Magic.  Edgewood Magic.

The avatar below is from Second Life, the famous (infamous? useless?) virtual world.

I wanted to show HCPL/Maryland Libraries presence in Second Life to our system’s pages,  so I had to create an another avatar.

Are you a second life citizen? Do you know of great resources within Second Life?  What should I do there?  Where should I go?  If you are on sl, send me a message.

Now if there only was a second life type virtual world for mobile phones.


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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2 Responses to 1st try at Second Life

  1. Hi there-
    Welcome to SL- you might want to check my blog this week, it is about an archeologist that uses SL to teach. It has some other edu sites linked up at the bottom of the post.
    And also, Lumiere Noir is worth looking up, he is a teacher and knows lots about bringing education into SL.
    You are not alone in your confusion as to what to direct your attention to in SL. I had the same feelings during my first weeks, even though I wanted to establish my self as a designer there. Starting a blog about what you are learning and sharing your observations with others is a good way to give your experience some direction.
    Since you are involved with libraries, perhaps your travels could focus on that at first. There are lots of arts related sites that reference literature. Best of luck to you!


  2. I haven’t checked all of these SLURLs in a while, but you might find some of them useful and interesting.


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