<3 Flickr or Delicious? You will love these…

I am a del.icio.us junkie, as my almost 700 bookmarks can attest to. I also love flickr and use images (with attribution and Creative Commons permissions) for presentations.

Lets call them chocolate.

I also love API’s which allow programmers to create applications that extend the use of popular services. Like Del.icio.us and Flickr.

Peanut Butter.

Favthumbs and Tag Galaxy mashes the two together. Two Great Tastes in One! Squeeeee!

Tag Galaxy lets you visually search flickr. Makes sense, no? Visual Media, Visual Search. Using your mouse.

And they made it look soooverycool. Try it out today.

Favthumbs uses your del.icio.us tags as the basis for a visual preview of your bookmarks. Thanks to MLX (whose blog completely rocks!) for pointing me here via FriendFeed

Regular Del.icio.us vs. Favethumbs Del.icio.us:

Which looks better. Yep, I think so too…

This is my delicious account using Favthumbs And you can save the view for others to see your bookmarks that way!!

In addition, they are truly developers that want your feedback. Click on the feedback tab on the right hand side and you are taken to a space where you can suggest and VOTE on the things you want to see Favthumbs do. The participatory web in action….

Check them out..


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One Response to <3 Flickr or Delicious? You will love these…

  1. Bobbi Newman says:

    oh just love the peanut butter & chocolate combo. 🙂 Off to check out favthumbs!

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