Extreme Bathroom Makeover Mrs.baldgeekinmd style

Now that I am back for a full week of work and my staycation project is pretty much over, I wanted to give you a glimpse (really brag like a mofo) about what the mrs. and I did on our staycation.

The Before shots: (these were from before we bought the house, the black accents are NOT ours.)

To this blank 20 year old carpeted and linoleumed surface we did the following ourselves:

Gutted the down to the subfloor;
Installed new subfloor and marble tile;
Used a candlelight paint technique on walls, which called for taping off the entire room;
installed baseboard and crown molding; and
a new sink, mirror, toilet and light fixture.   And though we came close, we didn’t kill each other.

Here is the resulting bathroom:

Just thought you would want to know what I did during my staycation. Way more pictures on my flickr account.


About (almost) Bald Trainer

A trainer in Maryland
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2 Responses to Extreme Bathroom Makeover Mrs.baldgeekinmd style

  1. mlibrarianus says:

    Looks be-you-tee-ful. How much do you charge? I have 2 other bathrooms that need to be done in my house. Can I get a quote?

  2. I like the lights and the vanity cabinet. Great work!

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