Alternate Names for those “special” days or Creative HiveMind at FF

Once again, Friend Feed (the content aggregator and soooooo much more) supplied me with a needed mental break today.  When taking a siesta from my job, I like to see what is going on at the national water cooler that is FF.

A user named Grizzled Librarian a library director somewhere in these United States what having one of THOSE days.  A real “poo-poo” hits the fan day.  He shared his sentiment with the people who follow his feed.  Then te hivemind went to work with others commented and collectively creating the following “bad day names” for the days of the week.  (Original Feed Post Here {original message has one of Carlin’s seven dirty words})

Presenting for your pleasure:
Mondays are now known as “Somebody’s asking to get cut” (aka satgcm) Mondays;
Tuesday are now known as “I’m feeling stabbity” (ifst) Tuesdays;
Wednesday are now known as “poo-poo hits the fan” (shtfw) Wednesdays;
Thursdays are now known as “Oh yeah…it’s ON” (oyiot) Thursdays: and
Fridays are now known as “I’m So Done” (isdf) Fridays

Now that is the hivemind in action!

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