How/Why I got Into Blogging?

Details: A meme started by Meredith Farkas at Information Wants To Be Free and I was tagged by local blogger and Maryland’s newest Library MuckEMuck The Strange Librarian.

Question 1:  How or why did I start to get into blogging?

Answer:  Well….its not that complicated.
1) I was co-chairing our system’s tech fair/ petting zoo and writing for that blog.  That used Blogger;
2) I knew that I would have to start a blog for our 23 things project and as one of the three system “leaders” of said project, it would behoove me to have my own blog before the project;
3) I  was one of the trainers for the aforementioned fair and wanted a blog that was not focused on that alone;
4) I was curious about wordpress as blogging software;
5) I wanted to see if I could start a blog i) at a conference via wifi while waiting for a session to start and ii) using a Dell Axim handheld PDA to write posts;  and
6) I am an opinionated person and sort of a need to be heard type, so there you are.

See, not that complicated.

Q2) How did i gain an audience?

First, assume you have an audience of one person.  Write about your passion, interests and knowledge as if you are talking to that person.  Participate in the conversation both on line and in person.  So blog, write, follow others, talk, participate by commenting, guest blogging, writing, IM’s etc.  Connect with those you admire and be helpful.  I think it has worked out so far for the blog.

Q3) What advice would you give to new bloggers who want to make a name for themselves in the biblioblogosphere?

  • Having something to say helps.
  • Saying it well helps more.
  • Be yourself and be consistent.
  • Be willing to brag about your friends and be open to make new ones.
  • Be visible on line and in person if possible.
  • Be friendly and very willing to share.
  • Be honest and helpful, timely and thoughtful, current with a sense of history.
  • Be willing to accept both praise and criticism.
  • Personally, I use a dry sense of humor to keep em laughing while reading.
  • Did i mention helpful and willing to share?
  • Be a part of the conversation not the noise!

Now tagged by this meme areAnnette Gaskins – Nette 2.0. Lori Reed –, Bobbi Newman – Librarian By Day Robin Hastings – A Passion for ‘PutersLBC- Required field must not be left blankStephanie Zimmerman – LSLC Training Blog, Marianne Lenox – The MLX Experience, Stephanie Willen Brown – CogSci Librarian Dani Vaughn Tucker – Curious Child’s Library WanderingsAlan Simpson – The World’s Common Tater and for a second time Beth Tribe – Tech from the Non-Techie.

I am looking forward to the responses.

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6 Responses to How/Why I got Into Blogging?

  1. Bobbi Newman says:

    I’m going to have to think about this one, especially the advice part and look at my first posts.

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  3. Hey baldgeekinmd, thanks for the meme tag! I wrote a post 11 months ago called “Another Reason I Blog” (I’m sure sometime I wrote one called “Why I Blog”, but I can’t find it) at That covers the “why I blog” part; as for the 2d part … I don’t have a ton of readers, but I got them through teaching and commenting on other people’s blogs and ALWAYS including the blog URL in my email sig.

    Advice for new bloggers? I don’t has. I have lots of advice for new librarians, which I hand out freely in my LIS classes, but blogging is so personal for me that I can’t think of anything that Maurice hasn’t already said.

    If I do think of some advice, I’ll blog it!

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