RIP Muxtape (as we knew it)

The premise was simple.  Upload 10 songs.  Share them with friends via streaming audio on the web.  Like others.  Share your tastes.  Very simple Very WeWeb.  Too good and too simple to last.

That Muxtape is gone.

The guy who created muxtape explains on a very long post on about his attempt to work with labels and the RIAA.  I am not going to say anything bad about anyone in this post, lest I get sued for having an opinion, but the outcome IMHO stinks.

Thank you for entertaining some people.

Goodbye Muxtape as we know it.

Good luck relaunched.


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A trainer in Maryland
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One Response to RIP Muxtape (as we knew it)

  1. agreed. RIP, oldMuxtape, you were fun while you lasted.

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