Starter Observations from the Learning 2008 conference

This week I am attending the Learning 2008 conference at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort and Conference Center.  Yes a conference at Disney.  More on that later.

I actually met the Maise center head honcho himself Elliott Maise while choosing buttons for my bag and my badge. All participants also receive a handheld instant feedback device which gives each person the power to connect, collaborate and give instant feedback to the organizers.

The brochure contains a dizzying array of learning professional workshop opportunities, and I look forward to spending a little time by the pool tomorrow looking over some choices.  While doing my homework, of course.

Now back to Disney.   While I love the attention to detail that Disney does well, along with the friendliness of every single cast member we have met, I would change two things so far about my trip.

1)  Disney Magic Express — Great and free system to get you from Terminal B of the Orlando Airport to Disney’s Theme Parks.  Now if you landed in Terminal A, I think there was one person and no “destination desk” to direct you to the long (after traveling and with all of your bags) walk to the other terminal to reach your Disney Magic Express bus depot.   A shuttle or a small depot in the A terminal would have made our lives a bit easier.

2)  If I can travel to Minnesota and stay in a range of hotels and not pay for internet access, why do I have to pay 10 a day while attending a conference for access?????   It boggles my mind that the more expensive the hotel – Crystal City Hyatt or The Coronado Resort of the 2.50 bottle of diet coke – the greater the chance you will pay for internet access in your room.  Completely and utterly ridiculous.  And a deal breaker.


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