2008 I(o)LP – April 2008 Library Staff Training

Now that we are at the end of the traditional western calendar year, I am looking back at some posts that were not quite ready for prime time.  I hope they interest you and provide some enlightenment and entertainment these last days of 2008 and first of 2009.

From (April 2008) CIL My Unedited but newly half organized Live Blogging Notes of this workshop at Computers in Libraries 2008: Session D105 – Library Staff Training Donovan’s  PPT’s are here and Rebecca’s are here. Another good session I attened at CIL.  (I do so want to go back in 2009)

Library Staff Training with Donovan Deakin of Web Junction and Rebecca Ranalio Kahl, Internet and Media Services Manager Cuyahoga County Public Library. Donovan is on the left, went first and talked about electronic web based learning. Rebecca presented a case study of her system.

Donovan asks the audience a question: How do you like your coffee? There are many ways to order coffee in Seattle and there are that many ways libraries are implementing staff training.

Some trends in library training noticed by WebJunction include: Increased interest and adpotion of online learning and dissatisifaction of responding systems with their own existing online learning programs.

Commonly recognized barriers to learning (the you are not alone portion of the show):
Staff time or lack thereof, No expertise or access to content, lack of funding/travel for conference or training attendance ; and technology using it and access to it.

Online learning adpotion by libraries is pretty good. A majority offer surveyed offer online learing today or will in the next two years. WJ noticed a trend in how systems were using online training: Larger budget systems tended to go toward the Synchronous/Live Electronic class model and both large and smaller budget systems use asynchronous/self-directed learning.

Blended learning is being adopted and adapted by systems. Using different elements of traditional and newer learning models.

Tech content in staff traning: Information technology, networking, desktop management, computer applications and tools, Web 2.0 Technologies and reacihing out and engaging staff and service community.

Noticed Impact/ROI of training
: Morale and job satisifcation, attendance and evaluation of training, job perfomrance ratings and improved library sevice.

Summary of findings: training content design needs to fit existing schedules; training budgets static and projected to increase, online learning adoption is slow but will grow and there is a growing awareness for web20 technologies.

(Ed note: this section contains pure live blogging notes from this session.)

Next to speak was Rebecca Ranallo Kahl, Internet & Media Services Manager, Cuyahoga County Public Library (68 million dollar budget, over 1000 staff with 663 in SEIU, 106 managers and confidental clerical staff.)  It is one of the 10 busiest libraries in country and is the county that surrounds Cleveland Ohio with 28 branches.  She gave a nutshell presentation about her system’s training now and where they are going in the future.

Training situation now: Launched new intranet with cms (content management system) running both public and staff sides; staff becoming more comfortable adding information to public side by adding content to intranet; blended learning workshops to teach new cms (Content Management System) content creation. House interanet was very static.  Systems used contracted training and workshops. have many resources out there. anbd are using nancy peral an dlookin g for mgmt training
Elearning tutorials online
increased blended learning options
increased 20 visibility
more hands on and some staff practice and play.
trying to get staff to see and use connections

work on interactive modules for working on strategic plan using 2.0 tools
another project
second like training project with stff to get used to developing content for staff in anticipation of getting computers that can handle second life.
another project
cuyahoga conversations interactive converastion space with subject specialsit community news and interests. We host and they manage the conversation. Her staff is excited about comments on this space and comments on catalog.
revamping orientation center.
online modules for intellectual freedom, corporate culture, customer service, marketing, diversity. putting together already created content with new content for a FULL Week.

6 mo 2 year
deliberate traning plans
compentecny based new management expections.
more working sessions
responsiblity for leraning
more ondemand opprotunities.
Would like to move intermediate traing to real works exercises in their training.


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