2008 Island of Lost Posts I(o)LP – April 2008

Now that we are at the end of the traditional western calendar year, I am looking back at some posts that were not quite ready for prime time.  I hope they interest you and provide some enlightenment and entertainment these last days of 2008 and first of 2009.

From (April 2008) CIL My Unedited but newly sort of organized Live Blogging Notes of this workshop at Computers in Libraries 2008: Session C205 – 2.0 Pecha Kucha—Conversation Face-Off!

CIL2008 2.0 Pechua Kechua or some thing.

pecha 1

Amanda Etches Johnson blogger.
IM need to be there to support an dprovide ref serveices the promise of virtual reference.
software was not user centric.
Now you can use im aggretgaotrs mulitple services\.

Widget ot provide a right there access to staff a chat widget for your pages. Hummainzes the information.

PC 2
podcasting by Greg Schawartz

he got an Ipod and need to discover content for such…. looked on podcast aggregaorts found library
podcasts wanting. so…He created his own. Create content and teach partons via podcasts. shortish info blasts,
promoting literacy and the serviced commuities. Libraries sharing stories.

No library too large or too small to podcast.

So how do youknow people are listening?

Pecha 3
meredith farkas

Wikis are like a barn raising. Each person can add and edit. all of us have unique knowledge.
we can collect that knowledge to benefit all.

ie Rock Wiki Chicago library with moderaly priced resturants.

Pecha 4

Video casting David free
give cameras to teens to show off your library. (The Library Rap) pill of learning.

loud tasty teen tour cat learns make time be super
It iw worth the time Video: finding time in the penn state library.

Pecha 5

Aaron and facebook
to be online its to be social facebook shows us that your site should be social too.

(ed note: I can say that I was distracted by the twitter traffic and my neighbor Rachel V’s smoking laptop at this point during the session. Sorry Aaron. )

skeptic greag notess

Is it the final solution? what was the problem? does it solve life’s questions?

chat is small component of service delivery.

Are we experst in creating content or finding and collecting content.

Ditto…do you have a david free? or a greg?

How do people use videos. doing work, use comiuters, surfing anon.

wikis are not all wikipedia

how many sit untouched

cil wiki. 57 out of 2200 people on the wiki.

worldcat — where is your time and money going?

openurl resouver

Cost benefits analysis… consider cost in time and money. benefit who and how.


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    Anyone who owns a computer knows it’s not a science. ,

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