My Favorite Posts By Month — NavelGazing 2008 Part 2

(Subs were great.  It is a yearly tradition at HCPL that  my director throw for staff who happen to work on New Year’s Eve.)

As we come to the time of year rife with looking back and looking forward I want to thank all of you for following me, reading my blog, following my friendfeed, looking at my pictures, and following my exploits as the training flyboy in the buttermilk.

So, I give to you my favorite posts of each month of this year from this blog.  Part One is here.

And now for more of 2008.

May 2008: How Twitter Made My Life Better.
Yes, I called out Comcast on Twitter. Yes, I got a response from Comcast and now I have the comcast Triple Play for less than I was paying Comcast and Verizon for Phone, Cable and Internet.  And as soon as Verizon brings FIOS to Harf. Co.  I am so there.   Unless Comcast comes through with a better offer.

June 2008: I ❤ Mouseprint
I love this site, which proves after all these years that I was not crazy about the corporate food package shrinkage that has been happening for years.   Now I follow this site for the latest things I will not be purchasing.

July 2008: FriendFeed and I are now, well friends.
2008 Killer Social App of the year. QED.  I was shocked that I have only been using FriendFeed since July.  I cannot imagine my day without it.

August 2008:
How I Found My Way to Libraries? Glad you asked;
Extreme Bathroom Makeover Mrs.baldgeekinmd style;

Introducing T is for Training podcast
These three posts are a part of another busy month and serve as a past, present and future of my year.   And I cannot say enough how much I love doing the T is for Training podcast. (next show on Friday Jan 2, 2009) I keep hoping it helps a few fellow trainers out and helps them not feel alone in the training woods.

September 2008:
How/Why I got Into Blogging?
The Chron got Blog Dayed..
Two posts relating to blogging (which I still love to do in fits and starts and when appropriate.) It is nice to know people actually read this thing.

October 2008:
Rutabee and Road Work: My Minnesota Training Adventure;
Starter Observations from the Learning 2008 conference.
These two posts sum up my main work and me for the majority of the month.  It also signaled a shift in how I blog conferences and events.  I used flickr for pictures from Minnesota and beyond, used my new IPod Touch.(squeeee!) to twitter and blog Learning 2008 and experienced the truly cold weather in Orlando that week.  38 degrees cold.  Also I proudly drove (mostly by myself) almost 1000 miles in 9 days in Minnesota.

November 2008: On Open Letter about election 2k8
Most. Historic. Election. Ever.

December 2008: MLA 2k9 Presentation: A Pecha Kucha about 2.0h
Looking ahead to next year’s Maryland Library Association Pecha Kucha presentation with a bunch of virtual/f2f friends.

Thanks for reading and I hope to do even better next year.



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One Response to My Favorite Posts By Month — NavelGazing 2008 Part 2

  1. Marianne says:

    I like the reflection in this, great way to review 2008.

    Happy New Year!

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