My Favorite Posts By Month — NavelGazing 2008 Part 1

As we come to the time of year rife with looking back and looking forward I want to thank all of you for following me, reading my blog, following my friendfeed, looking at my pictures, and following my exploits as the training flyboy in the buttermilk.

So, I give to you my favorite posts of each month of this year from this blog.

January 2008: Sports Break — NY Football Giants in the Big Game
I was right about this, except I gave both teams 10 extra points in a completely thrilling Super Bowl. And this time the (dec 08) the Giants are back as the favorites.  Nice.

February 2008: Damn only three posts?!  Not wasting your time.

March 2008: Now You Can Tweet Me…
Who knew that this would become the gateway app to this year’s killer ap for me Friendfeed.  I now use twitter as occasional updater, billboard, advertising platform for my lifestreaming and blogging.  I don’t use it as much for direct microblogging as I did previously.  It is the killer app for me for conferences.  I can use my IPod Touch to tweet the conference, create quotes and generally not have to carry the big honkin ‘laptop around with me all day.

April 2008:
CIL2008 Day the First A review;
CIL2008 My Day Two in Review;
CIL2008 Day Three In Review;
CIL2008 Gaming: Gimme’ Shelter;
Pardon the Navelgazing: Happy 1st Blogbirthday to the Chronicles

Quite a banner month on the blog and in my professional life.  CIL 2008 dominated the posts *as it should as the “best conference ever for 2008” awarded to it by yours truly earlier this year.*   Needless to day that I loved the conference for a pile of reasons.  Three unreported small moments that stick out for me.  I sat next to Karen Schnider in a meeting;and got a hug from Chadwick Seagraves in the hallway and connected with my fellow MD trainers over lunch and dinner.    Yep, the personal moments improving the value of the conference.  Also, the conference had so much information, that I had to create a separate Island of lost posts to post the leftovers from the conference.
(BTW: anyone want to sponsore my attending CIL 2009 this year?   We can talk easy terms. )

Part Two forthcoming.  Now time for our library New Year’s Eve Lunch.   Subs..mmmm..


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